Women In Business 2018

www.ChsWomenInBusiness.com | www.LCWomenInBusiness.com | www.LCwib.com 8 - WIB test the most recent purchases. She pointed out that eight of the port’s nine cranes will be in place by the end of June, with one more on the way from Asia. She said so they can pass under the Ravenel Bridge, the cranes are shipped and delivered in three pieces: the legs, the base and the boom. Deepening the harbor, commissioning new cranes and renovating the wharf would seem like enough activity to keep Melvin and her team busy, but another major project is underway at the Wando Welch Terminal. The Ports Authority, which recently sold its building in downtown Charleston, is in the process of building a new headquarters in Mount Pleasant, just outside the gates of the port. The state-of-the-art facility will bring around 200 employees under one roof. “We were so spread out, we didn’t know each other,” Melvin said. “With the new office, we’ll understand better what everyone does.” The 84,000-square-foot building, scheduled for completion in December 2018, will include a gym, a cafeteria and walking trails and “all the bells and whistles,” according to Melvin, all perks that are necessary to attract experienced and talented employees. “Twenty percent of the people who work at the port will retire in the next five years, so we need to recruit people,” Melvin said. “We’ll use the new building to help us do that. We have to compete. We’re in that game, too.” Melvin was quick to point out that the port could not win that game without the more than 500 people who work under her supervision. “The best thing about my job is the team. We have the best team in the world in loyalty, productivity and safety. We’re above anyone else. There’s no way we could get it done without the team,” she said. She also pointed out how important the port is to the Lowcountry. “The port is impactful,” Melvin said. “It’s a large contributor to the economy. Any thriving city should have multiple things that make it stand out. Charleston has tourism, medical, diversity and the port. We’re very lucky to have all that wrapped up in one beautiful place.” Remember, it doesn’t have to be new to be awesome! 2700 North Hwy 17 Mount Pleasant, SC 29466 at Brickyard Plantation (843) 606-2715 www.NextToNewSC.com Monday- ursday 10-6 Friday-Saturday 10-5 open Sunday 12-4 Photo by Thomas Runion.